Repair of central vacuum cleaners was founded to support companies that sell central vacuum cleaner installations, and has grown out of the company Elek-Trends.

After a while, aging problems may occur, causing the suction power to decrease, e.g. due to a blockage. Or the motor may stop working or make a lot of noise. A bad filter element can also be the cause of reduced suction power.

Our activities are spread throughout Belgium and the borders of neighbouring countries. (The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France).

We also support installers, architects and study bureaus with advice and soon also with the publication of a course.

Vaccum cleaning

Some of our brands:

ALKITEX, Vacuum Cleaner, Cyclovac, Tytan, Beam, Vacuflo, Astrovac, Enke, Globaltak, Disan, Euro Queen , Multi-user-vac, Elek-Trends, alle Europese en Amerikaanse merken .


Ametek-Lamb 199 599, Ametek-Lamb 117 743, Ametek-Lamb 115 950, Euro Motor 2-stages, Euro Motor 3 -stages, Ametek-Lamb Trough-Flow, ...

We have a wide range of engines (motor-turbines) available. The main brands are Ametek-Lamb and Domel. These are mainly based on the "by-pass" principle. For industrial applications and large installations, we have various models from 5.5 Kw asynchronous motors and 3-phase.

vaccum cleaner parts

Spare Parts

Starter module ET, Starter moduleMI, Starter module various, Air outlet tube flexible, Cuf standard hose, Carbon brushes various, Handle hose,...

Many different components are part of our range. We have various starter modules, with relay control and also electronic ones with start-up delay. Carbon brushes for the various motors. Switch elements for the remote control on the handle hose. Handle for the standard hose. Also wireless remote controls when a control line is interrupted. Metal plug for hose and heat-resistant and bendable exhaust tubes.

Vacuum Sockets

Built-in connecting piece, Surface mounted connecting piece, Curved connecting piece, Straight connecting piece, T-piece, American Vacum connection, Millenium Vacum connection, Extension, Floor connecting piece Inox,...

A wide range is available. We distinguish between American and European models. The Euro models are 8 x 8 cm, conform to the electricity sockets and thus form a whole. They are available in plastic (cheapest) or metal. We also have stainless steel floor sockets that are completely flush with the floor. In addition, there are also models available that form a whole with the Ticino electricity material. The American connection points, are usually of a larger size and also available in plastic and metal.

Vacuum Sockets
cheap vacuum cleaner brush isolated on white background


Combination brush, Long brush 30cm, Long brush 37cm, Lint brush, Crevice tool short, Round brush, Crevice tool long, Telescopic tube, Radiator brush, Manual brush, Turbo carpet brush

Everything needed for good vacuuming can be supplied. Combined floor and carpet brush, long floor and parquet brush: 30 cm and 37 cm, round brush, lint brush, crevice tool: short model and long model, hand brush, radiator brush: can be slid onto the crevice tool, extendable extension tube in chrome. An air-driven rotating carpet brush can also be found in the range.


Textile filter ET, Textile filter MI, Paper filter small, Paper filter large, Foam filter 1200, foam filter 1500, Textile filter industry,...

The final filter, which finally protects the motor, also has a great diversity and is specific to a particular brand. Paper dust bags in small and large sizes are available. In addition, several sizes of textile filters. The foam filters also come in 2 versions.



We distinguish between the standard hose, which is available in any length (max 20 m) and the telecom hose with switch on the handle. The latter are only available in lengths of 7.5 m and 9 m.